• AI Creates New Horizons


      "To expand the horizons of computer vision applications of content creation."

    • About Us


      PixelShift is startup founded by exGooglers with teams in Shanghai and Silicon Valley. PixelShift applies cutting-edge vision models and augmented reality technologies to enable new possibilities for video content creation.

      PixelShift is developing mobile apps for composing videos with virtual characters, with applications in VTubing, video creatives, and avatar chat. PixelShift aspires to help users to become more creative and appreciative of aesthetics.



    • Founding Team



      Ching Law

      Co-founder & CEO


      Ching was VP of Tencent Ads and founder of GDT, overseeing engineering, products, marketing, and operations teams. Ching worked at Google and led projects in AdSense, Google Dictionary, Business Sitebuilder, and Google Suggest. Ching received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


      Meng Zhang

      Co-founder & CTO


      Meng was a tech lead at Google AI leading projects in vision AI and computational photography. Meng has also led projects in Display Ads, including keywords quality and creative optimization. Meng received his bachelor's degree in Software Engineering from Tongji University.

      Minghan Du

      Partner & CPO


      Minghan was product director at Sensors Data, leading the product, design, and innovation teams across projects on creative tools and data-driven SaaS. Minghan started his career at Sinovation Ventures, where he gained experiences across e-commerce, smart device, and enterprise service. Minghan received his bachelor's degree in Software Engineering (media arts & science) from Tongji University and Technical University of Denmark.

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